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Architectural Services specialise in cost saving specifications that save money on the build cost, reduction in contract times and also help to save the environment with less landfill and materials used.

Architectural Services is passionate about saving the environment and reducing the environmental impact of your project. Green Foundations The savings start in the ground with our innovative foundation designs that subject to approval by the Local Authority Building Control Department mean less spoil to be excavated, so a reduction in landfill.

This potentially can save you £000’s on your build costs. Less spoil excavated means less concrete used. All of this translates into a reduction in contract times, which affords more savings and less disruption at your home.

The ground works is the trickiest part of any contract with a lot of mess and disruption. The quicker you are out of the ground, the sooner you begin building.

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Structurally Green The savings continue with the structural elements of the build, with the innovative steel work design and timber roofs, which lead the domestic industry in terms of saving materials and time on site constructing. 

Green Insulation Insulation is a key factor in reducing carbon emissions, install more and you will reduce the amount of energy that you use to heat your house and your carbon footprint. 

All of our specifications fully comply with building regulations, but we are able to increase the amount of insulation fitted in the build process to reduce your heating bills and also make the property cooler in the hot summers.

High Spec Eco Freindly Design

If you require a high specification insulated building we can design this for you, the additional build cost can normally be recouped in year one with savings on your utility bills.

More traditional green design includes solar panels (photovoltaic panels), rainwater harvesting systems and ground source heat pumps, all of which can be included in an Architectural Services specification.

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